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Planet Dinosaur (2011)
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Genre: Documentary

Episode 1: Lost World
The series starts in North Africa, where two of the largest predators in the world have fought for supremacy. 13-meter and 7-ton karharodontozavr was a huge animal, a giant carnivorous yascheropodobnym psevdoakulimi teeth with more than 6-inch lengths. It was a successful hunter who had wounded his victims until they bled. But the opening of the upper jaw in Morocco revealed an even larger carnivorous killer - spinozavra. Four meters longer than Tyrannosaurus Rex spinozavr, was said to be one of the biggest killers that ever walked the Earth. But unlike the meat-eating karharodontozavra, spinozavr mainly ate fish, living and hunting almost exclusively in the water. Like all predators that share the area, those two giants had to compete for food. Planet dinosaur sheds light on what looked like one such deadly battle, and finds out what giant animal survived the battle to the death.

Episode 2: Feathered Dragons
The second episode of the documentary series offers a look at bizarre and extraordinary feathered dinosaurs, many of which have been recently discovered. These feathered animals turned our understanding of life on Earth as they blur the boundaries between what we know of dinosaurs and birds. China - advanced country in the opening feathered dinosaurs, as well as home to one of the most unusual discoveries on Earth: epideksipteriksa. The size of a pigeon, this predator was the most bird-like of all the dinosaurs and is the first known case of ornamental feathers. But feathers were not privileged medium-sized entities. From Caudipteryx to sinozavropteriksa and 8-meter gigantoraptora, feathers may have been used for flight, for insulation or even to attract a mate. These dinosaurs not only hint of how animals might have developed flight, but also suggest that dinosaurs may still live among us today - as birds.

Episode 3: Last Killers
The third episode examines the last generation of killer dinosaurs - carnivores that have raised the murder to a new level. By the end of the Cretaceous period - 75 million years ago - these gigantic and specialized hunter-killers have spread around the globe. On the southern continents reigned supreme abelizavridy strong and muscular, but there were known tyrannosaurids, which dominated in the north. While northern daspletozavry, hunting in a pack, using their highly developed sense of smell and hearing to find prey like horned animal the size of a rhinoceros, hazmozavrov in the southern hemisphere-faced madzhungazavr rules. Although Longjaw madzhungazavr was more effective killer than feathered rahonavis, it did not stop him from cannibalism and hunting for their own kind.

Episode 4: Fight for Life
This episode is dedicated to the Jurassic period, when the first giant killers pursued on earth and disappeared into the sea, the time when the slightest advantage meant the difference between life and death. In North America the dominant feature Allosaurus - lying in wait for the hunter with a lethal bite. Even heavily armored Stegosaurus was not protected from this killer, and incredible evidence sheds light on the confrontation of these two giants. Life in Jurassic oceans was no easier and in 2008 it was discovered the fossil on a frozen island far into the Arctic. It was a colossal marine reptile, twice as large as most ocean predators, the 15-meter long and weighing about 45 tons. It was a predator H. alone his skull was almost twice the Tyrannosaurus Rex skull, with a bite force unmatched by anyone in the Jurassic seas. The balance of power between predator and prey - subtle, as output is continuously developing different ways of dealing with a predator. But for the most successful and experienced predators battle for survival has always been in their favor.

Episode 5: New Giants
In this series, we will explore new giant - the hardest from the world of dinosaurs. Only in the last few years we have unearthed dinosaur of all time. Animals such enormous size that it is hard to imagine. But how and why these titans have become so massive? And could any other animal to attack such a huge monster? One of these giants eclipsed all others. Length of 35 meters, as well as Diplodocus. However, this dinosaur was seven times heavier than the Diplodocus - huge Argentinosaurus, whose bell was a great man. The first idea of ??this new giant emerged in 1990 during excavations in Argentina (hence the name of his - Argentinosaurus). For years, these giants were considered immune to be prey to any predator - until the discovery mapuzavra, a new giant killer whose fate was inextricably linked with the Argentinosaurus. These dinosaurs were the largest of ever roamed the earth.

Episode 6: Great Survivors
In this series we will explore the extraordinary ability of dinosaurs to survive and witness how they mutated over millions of years in some of the most bizarre looking animal world has ever seen. We will work with bizarre magyarozavrom, who lived in the shadow of the biggest flying animal - hattsegopteriksa - and showed us an amazing adaptation to island life, and the strange notronihusom, carnivore, which give up meat. Uncanny ability to evolve into an even more raznolikie and bizarre forms meant that it has helped them to not only spread throughout the world, but also to dominate the Earth more than 160 million years. But only one unprecedented extraterrestrial event put an end to the planet of dinosaurs

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