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Autor Tema: Windows 7 Final Remix SP1 Gamer Edition x64 2016 Pre-Activated-P2P  (Pročitano 213 puta)

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Windows 7 Final Remix SP1 Gamer Edition x64 2016 Pre-Activated-P2P

Release Name: Windows.7.Final.Remix.SP1.Gamer.Edition.x64.2016.Pre-Activated-P2P
Size: 2.93 GB

Name: Windows 7 Final Remix SP1 Gamer Edition
Updated: Until Nov 2016
Based on: Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

Features Removed:
• All Games
• Windows Media Center
• Anytime Upgrade
• Previous Versions
• Windows Easy Transfer
• Gadgets - Currency
• Gadgets - Media Center
• Gadgets - Picture Puzzle
• Gadgets - RSS Feeds
• Themes - Nature
• Themes - Scenes
• All Default Wallpaper

Features Kept:
• All Drivers
• All Keyboards Languages
• All Languages
• All Fonts
• All Control Panel Features
• All Multimedia Features
• All Networks

• Add My PC Shortcut to Desktop
• Add User Documents to Desktop
• Add Control Panel to Desktop
• Disable User Tracking
• Increase Icon Cache to 4MB
• Disable User Account Control (UAC)
• Enable Large System Cache
• Improve Disk Check Timeout (5 Sec)
• Improve Showdown Speed
• Improve Windows Shell Response
• Reduce Launch Delay for Desktop Startup Apps
• Disable Get Windows 10 Icon
• User Small Icons on Taskbar

• BlackViper

Name: Windows_7_Final_Remix_Gamer_(Nov 2016)_x64_by_Animeware.iso
Date: 11/23/2016
Size: 2.93 GB (3,149,754,368 bytes)
SHA-1: a4e86b3cfa66f3def5c7621f622e09a18bc3c6eb
MD5: f38b9b6e3934cc9f4b61c926068eb47a
CRC32: 44f6a2b2

2P group has released Windows 7 Final Remix SP1 Gamer Edition x64 2016 Pre-Activated. Enjoy! :)

Description: Windows 7 Final Remix Gamers Edition is an operating system designed and edited the function to always tough and optimal in the run or play the latest PC games. Currently Windows 7 Final Remix Gamer Edition x64 version available only recently, sometime its x86 version on release. In addition to the rather frightening zoom, the windows version is also saving memory tables.