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Computer Repair Simulator v1.0.1.1
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Computer Repair Simulator v1.0.1.1
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Computer Repair Simulator (CRS) is a revolutionary game that can be used as a perfect learning tool for students that want to get into computer repairs and IT in general.   

Computer Repair Simulator teaches you how a computer works and how to repair it. It's a unique program that currently is in alpha. It's assembled by a team of 3 people, and they are working hard to get it into beta and eventually final. As an alpha, you should expect to encounter some bugs, crashing and limitations compared to what the final program will be.All of that said, it's a lot of fun and educational even in its current form. For example, if you want to upgrade your memory and heard it was easy then here's your chance to try it virtually to see if you want to tackle the real thing. It also features game-like play being in a computer shop with cabinets and repairs to be done crossing this over as a hybrid game slash educational tool.

It's so unique we don't even have a category that it belongs in. We've found repairing computers to be easy, but we're geeks. So jump in and learn or just play with it.