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AdultVideoScript 1.2.2
« poslato: Septembar 19, 2011, 19:17:18 »
AdultVideoScript 1.2.2

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AdultVideoScript 1.2.2

- version bump
- fixed IE8 gzip_encoding bug
- fixed IE6 css bugs
- fixed IE6 png bugs (converted icons to gif, menu buttons png with specific background)
- added grabber embed functions in siteadmin
- fixed the thumb rotator to use the videos thumbs number for rotating thumbs
- removed unused stream.php file
- fixed javascript loading (every javascript file loads only in the corresponding template file, faster load times)
- fixed album title notice on upload
- fixed upload bug when games are disabled
- fixed ajax invite friends bug when invite friends is set to automatic
- added support for album deletion
- fixed videos view grabber siteadmin bug
- fixed notice images delete bug
- fixed embed video problems in blogs (when the video is already embedded)
- fixed xss in pagination
- fixed xss in search
- added multi-server plugin (please see README.multi-server.txt)
- added video edit support for users
- added multi-language support (currently only en_EN and ro_RO)
- added tag cloud plugin for videos, games and photo albums
- fixed possible file injection in avatar upload, phot upload, game thumb upload   
Changed Files:
BACKUP everything and copy all files (98% of the files changed because of the multi-language plugin)!

AVS-1.2.1 Sun Jun 7 15:34:51 EEST 2009 Code:
- version bump
- added support for embed in siteadmin
- fixed video sponsors border bug
- fixed siteadmin game add category bug
- fixed user registration disabled bug
- fixed signup welcome and verify email bug
- fixed sponsors bug in video search
- fixed language bug in language/ro_RO.lang.php

Changed Files: Code:

AVS 1.2.2 Tue Jun 9 13:34:59 EEST 2009 Code:
- version bump
- fixed video embed enable/disable in siteadmin
- fixed language typo for advanted search
- fixed edit video permission bug
- fixed embed video problem in view video page
- fixed translation bugs for ajax
- fixed related games database ajax bug
- fixed related games private bug
- fixed related games translation bug
- fixed related videos translation bug
- fixed unfixed bug from 1.2.1 in signup.php

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Piksla download
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